The GPA Group Companies

About us

Established in 2010 by the Agarwal family, the group cemented its foundation in Nagpur, Maharashtra with real estate. Since then, the group continues to advance on a daily basis with a strongly rooted team that dives into creativity as blindly as any child learning to walk and see. Being proud of our family history, and Indian heritage, we derive from them the real entrepreneurial spirit that has fueled us to explore several industries of national importance in India: Telecom, Information and technology, Food and beverage, Retail and Hospitality. Today, the group has a number of companies offering a range of forward-looking products and services. GPA companies with significant scale includes Mtech Mobiles, Munafa Mart, 8om, Leverage Group, Teafloor, Tanoshi Trail and Societal Upliftment Initiative Trust (SUIT) - India.

The GPA Group is geared towards long-term value creation for its people, and focuses on improving the quality of life of the communities. We establish a privileged relationship with each of our employees/partners, built on a thorough understanding of their dreams, values and principles. This enables us to anticipate their needs, and help us build a perfect work environment for everyone in the hierarchy.

Our Mission – To provide a small company environment with a large company mindset and drive.
From the localities where our stores are located to the fields at 7900 ft above sea level where we harvest some of the nature’s best gifts, we positively contribute to the nature while fostering thriving communities.

Our prime business priorities-
- Long-term value creation for employees, customers and shareholders.
- Help our people grow, and earn a quality of life for themselves.
- Encourage effective and efficient work system.
- Plan together. Build together. Grow together.