Chairman’s Message

As the chairman, it gives me immense pleasure to lead a group that has achieved so much in the first few years of its establishment itself. We began the operation as a small time construction company in Nagpur and today under our umbrella we have various companies in different industries. Since inception, we have invested significantly in infrastructure, people, commercial partnerships and relationships.

The feather in our cap was the M Tech Informatics Pvt. Ltd, a known entity in the telecommunication industry. Belgachi Tea Estate and Sky Candle (Online Home Décor) businesses also contributed positively to the group. The Group’s total turnover for the Year 2015 was INR 200 Crore.

Going forward our focus is to build a brand in every industry we venture into. To GPA Group’s footprint in different sectors. We have also ventured into IT Industry with our new venture Compare Munafa Pvt. Ltd.

Compare Munafa is a formidable endeavor of spectacular magnitude and far reaching magnitude. It is expected to reduce the efforts of the online shoppers and help them save not only time but Money as well with our various deals.

If there is one challenge we face as a global company, it is that we have to be adaptable and flexible in managing our businesses in the different countries that we are present. Each country has its unique operating culture, which we seek to understand and imbibe. There is certainly no ‘one size fits all’, when it comes to country-specific strategy and management. It is because we are respectful of national characteristics that we have been able to make inroads into countries like Hongkong and UAE.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to thank all our stakeholders for believing in us, and lending us their support as we transform into a leaner and more focused Group as a whole.

I would also like to thank our customers who spur us to keep striving for excellence; and our business partners, advisors, suppliers and bankers, who have been true partners in cooperating and collaborating with us. We are also grateful to the governments of the various countries in which we have operations, for their guidance and regulatory support.

To my fellow directors and employees, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for their wisdom and integrity in guiding the group to a position of greater light and clarity. Most of all, I would like to thank the management and staff of every venture under GPA Group; each and every individual for their commitment and dedication to the group.

I am filled with optimism and hope that we as a group will charter unprecedented growth and success as we learn from experience gained in the year gone by and the challenges and opportunities that we will face in the year going forward.

Vivek Agarwal
Chairman and Managing Director