Compare Munafa Online Pvt Ltd

In April 2015, GPA Group launched, an E-shopping portal with a difference.
Compare Munafa bring together leading online stores and help buyers select the best deals by comparing product / shop prices online, while offering added advantage of cash back and discount against every purchase.
Compare Munafa is one-stop destination where buyers save time, effort and money with every purchase. The result is “Compare Munafa” that makes the overall shopping experience a delight for shoppers.
Compare Munafa Offer a complete, inclusive and seamless shopping experience which cuts time and effort while saving money as you shop. Compare Munafa aim to be a satisfying and joyful ‘Online Mall’, with a large selection of high quality virtual stores offering the best value for money.
Compare Munafa accounts for core values of e-shopping which are promptness, customer delight, innovation, integrity and accuracy.

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