SUIT, a registered trust under Trust Act, was started by few professionals in the Year 2010, with an objective of playing a constructive role in the upliftment of the society to which they belong. The founders of the Organization held firm belief that education is a necessary and effective catalyst for the upliftment of underprivileged sections of society and hence basic education was chosen as prime agenda for work.
SUIT project “Aao Padaiye Sabko Badaiye” sponsor underprivileged children for their primary and secondary education and provide guidance as well as financial aid for their admission fee, course fee, exam fee, books, dresses, shoe, stationery etc. SUIT believes that rather than serving meals in their plates which will keep them dependent on others all along their life, we need to strengthen their arms and nurture their minds so that they can become self-dependent and move out of the vicious circle of poverty and live a life of dignity.

With the help of education, SUIT wish to set these underprivileged children on a path of progress which will enable them to add value to the society. SUIT sees education as a catalyst, which is capable of initiating a chain reaction of events leading to the upliftment of the lives of individuals as well as the progress of the society as a whole.

SUIT works with a network of implementing partners, which enable SUIT to benefit from the local experience gained by these NGOs about the area specific problems faced by the local population in sending their children to school.

SUIT is currently working in 5 states (10 districts) with the support of 10 implementing partners. SUIT is supporting education of 500 children. SUIT has initiated 7 informal education center, 1 evening class center and 11 night classes’ center and impacted lives of more than 3000 children. SUIT has transformed more than 25 villages through health education for disease prevention. SUIT has conducted numerous activities including Drawing Competition, General Knowledge Competition, Hygiene awareness Campaign etc. SUIT’s efforts have been recognized by HPCL, Apar India, M Tech Info, Various Local MLA’s and leaders and various media agencies.

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