Vivek salutes the man and says. “I am Lucky!! I have had great influencers in my life and they have really motivated me to take on the step. Usually, you reach out to people and their thoughts inspire you, but in my case it has been little different. By sitting far away and watching him gave me inspiration to something productive. There were times when I felt I would breakdown because running a business is not easy. There were times when I didn’t know if I was going in the right direction but then I would put my self in my uncle’s, Mr. Bijay Agarwal, shoes and wonder how he would have solved the problem if he would face such problem.”

Every time there was crisis; I would rethink things from his point of view and take decisions. He has been a real inspiration in my life. Today also, I look up to him for everything.

I am very grateful for having Mr. Bijay Agarwal as a part of my life.