The Evolution of GPA Group: A Journey driven by Vision, Courage and Extraordianry Conviction

The history of GPA Group dates back to late 1990’s, when Mr. Vivek Agarwal, Founder and Chairman of the GPA Group, as an enterprising young child of 10 years, saw his father Shri Govind Prasad Agarwal work hard day and night and set up an empire. Vivek has devoted the group to his father, GPA Stands for his father’s name “Govind Prasad Agarwal”.

Vivek considers Mr. Agarwal his mentor and says: “My father is a very hardworking gentleman and I have learnt the art of persisting and Perseverance from him. These strengths and values, which I learnt from my father, one is the value of communication and the other being the value of money and the third being keeping up with the relationships have assisted me in my business to a large extent”.